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                                               Flab-U-Less Uncovering the Secret to Instant Weight Loss
Oh no, not another weight loss article! Are you sick of hearing the different crazy
stuff you have to do in order to lose weight? How many apples have you sniffed already
to lose appetite? When was the last time you massaged your ears? How much more
horror movies do you have to watch to burn fats? These types of measure do not work
quite well in the real world. So, I present you the effective ways to lose your weight

● Carve the Carbs
Are you fond of eating food that contains huge amounts of refined sugar and
other different forms of starches? It may take a minute to say hello to high-carb food
and forever to say goodbye. However, you have to do this for fitness’ sake. This by itself
will help you rapidly lose weight and eliminate the excess fats that are found in your
body especially in the areas around your waist.
Did you know that not all carbohydrate sources are beneficial for you? Ingesting
some forms of carbohydrates will not only make your body produce more fat but also
reduces your body’s speed in burning your fats. Taking in carbohydrates will also cause
fast changes in insulin and glucose which may cause hunger that could lead to
If you really want to lose weight in a small amount of time, try eating less carbs.
By lowering down your carbs consumption, you will be enabling your body to burn down
the carbs present in your body for energy. After all the carbohydrates are consumed,
your body would be forced to burn down the fats which it will convert to energy. You
become a fat-burning machine through this process. Soon, if you’re lucky enough to
control yourself changes will be visible.

● Hi Protein Diet!
It is time to welcome the protein family in your life! Placing yourself on a high protein
diet will reduce your appetite. Through this, you will feel full and end up eating
fewer calories for the entire day. By consuming foods that are high in protein, you will be
able to control your habit of eating junk foods and stop overeating.
It will take more time for your body to digest and metabolize foods that are rich in
protein. This only means that your body is burning more calories in processing them.
Protein-rich foods include milk, eggs, chicken, fish, steak, tofu, cottage cheese and so
forth. This diet is good for people who are watching over their weight since they will be
able to see the effects in just a few weeks.
Nutrition Metabolism published a study which shows that people who took 30
percent more of their daily protein intake lost up to 11 pounds or 4.5 kilograms over the
12-week period without taking in diet pills and using other dietary measures. This diet
enabled them to decrease 450 calories from their daily intake.
It is important to know your daily calorie intake so, make sure to check the
number of calories per serving in the food you are eating. Additionally, researching
about the calorie content of a product and jotting it down would also help you. Write
down all the food that passes through your lips and you might be surprised on just how
many calories you are eating each day.

● Excuses don’t burn calories
No more excuses, just do it. Losing weight is simply a numbers game. To lose
weight, you will have the less calories than you burn every day. It is just that simple.
In a pound of fat, there would be 3500 calories. In order to take away a pound of
fat every week, you will have to lessen your calorie intake by 500. Through this, you will
achieve 3500 less calories. The average calorie intake of a person to maintain their
weight is 2000 cal for women and 2500 cal for men. Thus, you will have to take in 1500
cal for women and 2000 cal for men every day for the whole week.

● Leave the SnacKingdom
Kings and queens, if you do not want to break your efforts in losing weight, you
are suggested to quit snacking out. It is better to focus eating three filling, healthy meals
and quit eating snacks that would not fill you up. There will be cheat days but once or
twice per week would be enough.

● X-your-size Daily
Say goodbye to your old size and start exercising! This is just as important as
your diet. It is a great way to boost your body’s metabolism which allows it to burn
calories at a faster pace. A healthy diet along with exercise is a very effective to reduce
your fats will make it harder for you to gain weight.
One should aim 20 minutes of exercise per day to really lose weight. Cardio
exercises such as jumping jacks can burn as much as 200 calories or rope jumping
burns up to 260 in just 20 minutes. However, if you find these exercises difficult to do,
jogging and fast-paced walking would be perfect for you.

● Water you waiting for?
Drinking water would not magically remove excess fats from your body.
However, this would help you a lot in your effort to lose weight. Water has no calories in
it so you are lowering your calorie intake when you drink water for the entire day.
Having to drink one to two glasses before a meal will help you get full easier. Thus,
you can consume lesser amount of food and calories. Drinking enough water will also
make you feel energetic since you are hydrated very well.
A study was conducted by the American Chemical Society in the year 2010,
which shows that consuming two cups of water right before you have eaten will lessen
about 75 to 90 fewer calories at that meal.

● Don’t sleep back to your old ways
When you deprive yourself of sleep, your metabolism would not function as it
used to be. Cortisol, a stress hormone that is associated with weight gain, will rise when
you are sleep-deprived. This only means that having poor sleeping habits can result in
weight gain.

In this era where everything is so advanced, humans tend to become lazy and
forget to take care of their health. Weight should be an important aspect of your life and
is something that should be paid attention to. Make sure that everything is balanced and
follow the steps above to live a happier and healthier life!


Written by Reinier Jewel Gecole

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