Ten Top Fitness Studio

Ten Top Fitness Studio: JUST2BEFIT’S Top Picks

Ten Top fitness studios ”  Trust us, we know the struggle and that’s why we came up with this list. Because we talked about gym makeup? Well, this time we saw it fit to talk share a list of Ten Top gyms that you need to try out. No matter what your goals we are sure you’ll find something here for you from Yoga to Strength Training, to Water Fitness you’ll definitely find a gem here.
Remember our previous post on gym makeup? It had us thinking, “We’ve talked about gym makeup but what about the actual gym???”  After our research, we came up with a list of Top Ten  fitness studios that we think you should try out. We know you’ll find something here for you; from Yoga to Strength Training, to Water Fitness you’ll definitely find a gem here.

Ten Top Fitness Studio

  1. Knights Gym 3510 Scotts Ln, 19129 Philadelphia, PA

Hey Philly,

If you’ve been up and about Philadelphia then you’ve heard about Knights gym. This black-owned fitness studio has changed the scene for workout studios. Yep! With painted walls and steel bars you know it’s going to be a full body workout.
They specialize in Weight and strength training but have a few aerobics classes and planning to have concrete schedules soon.
The trainers are friendly, patient and we’ve heard great reports on the overall environment an training equipment so if you’re ever in Philly check it out and let us know your feedback

2. THE LAB 909 1680 South “E” St San Bernarndino, CA 

“The home of team hustle” with a motto like that how can you not prosper? And true to their word they have a wide variety of training option from their Werk category and even more in their Special offer category. Whether you want a 1 on 1 training session or a combat class consider your needs met. This black-owned fitness studio has got the systems and the structure to support you workout needs just pay them a visit and let us know what you think.

3.  Fountain of Youth 390 South Ave Suite A 14620 Rochester,  NY

Mhh- mhhhh- mhhhh, don’t you just love the sound of that… “Fountain f youth” this new black-owned fitness studio is equuuiiiiipppped. Yes, if types of equipment are your thing then here’s another good option for you the gym’s got bench presses, trend mills and all kinds of good bodybuilding equipment. Above that, they have artificial Grass, just in case you feel like you want to go green (pun intended)

4. Hitsville Gym 114 Memorial Dr Atlanta, GA

How ready are you Atlanta because this new black-owned fitness studio just opened a few months ago. Hitsville is a primarily a boxing facility offering fitness expertise and entertainment. So if you want to join the @Laila Ali’s league you know that this would be one of the best places to start.

5, Physical Training Life (PTL Life) 1415 N Clinton Ave Rochester, NY 

What’s more inspiring than a well-equipped gym? Awesome paintings on the wall. The most eye-grabbing features in this black-owned fitness studio has to be the wall paintings. The paintings are grudgy, but cool; they give you the vibes of… “ Keep going! Yes, push harder! Just one more rep!” If the paintings on the wall haven’t sold the heart behind this facility yet… well, they mainly focus on hard-core training not just on the body but the mind and spirit as well.

6. Melanie Fitness Centre 14900 Greenwood Rd Dolton, IL

Have you ever thought of water training? This black-owned fitness studio is one of the few facilities that actually specializes in aqua trim, which is available 5 times a week. They also offer hula hoop workouts, tight and tone boot camps, chair aerobics, step aerobics, boxing and urban Tai Chi. Now, with a program like that how can you not be fit? You’ll be spoilt for choice
Looking #JUST2BEFIT we’d recommend their hula- hoop class

7. Push U 930 North 8th St Philadelphia, PA

This black-owned fitness studio specializes in personal training. Do you know your goals? Do you want #just2befit or are you out to gain some back muscle? The trainers are kind but tough! They will push your limits and help you reach your full potential. From weight training to meal plans they give you the full 360. As a growing fitness studio, they are showing us some good promises but not as much as their training program will. So if you are in their hood and looking for a life fitness partner then why not pay them a visit and tell us what you think.

8. Studio 262 2626 S Figueroa St Los Angeles, CA

Have about some trap Yoga? Well, Studio 262 has got it. This black-owned fitness studio characterized by its Zen nature and lifestyle will give you all the feels needed for a great workout. Studio 262’s class schedule includes Yoga, Hype pilates Fusion, Buti yoga and Trap yoga. The best thing is that the prices are actually pocket-friendly. So you’ll not only get your Zen on but also save some cash while you’re at it. Now isn’t that a bargain?

9. And Yoga Studio 410 Marcus Garvey Brooklyn, NY 

Evolution! Freedom! Peace and yoga are what keeps this instructors and community going. This black-owned fitness studio sessions include Ariel Yoga (you know, the one that you’re hanging off the sealing), candlelit vinyasa wine-down, Sound bath with a live musician and much more. And Yoga prefers to work with small numbers so as to focus on you as a wholesome individual even as you go on with your personalized workout.

10. Live Cycle Delight 8019 Agnes St Detroit, MI

You know what they say about Spin classes!!! Yep, They are insanely good. You leave that session drench in your victory and full of energy to take on your next challenge. Well, this black-owned fitness studio started as a cycling group but has evolved to one of the best Spin cycle go-to places. To add on that; they also have HIIT workouts and prenatal yoga.
So wherever you are these black-owned fitness studios can and will help you meet your goals only if you pay them a visit..


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