Wearing Makeup to the Gym:

Wearing Makeup to the Gym: Is it Really Worth It?

Before you go ahead and start biting my head off, hold on a second… There’s a point to this and I’ll get to it in a few, I promise!


So it’s Monday morning you wake up bright and early pumped and ready for your day!

You do the usual; light shower, fix your hair and just so you don’t look too rugged, you go on and do your brows and maybe a little eyeliner.


You have a light breakfast and make a Smoothie.

Ready for the challenges ahead you grab your gym bag and head on out.

To set the environment you put on some EDM music to pump you up and get your adrenaline running.



So you get to the gym and even though you’re trying to look like you know what’s happening you get overwhelmed by everything going on #NewbieProblems


“Uhhh…. Where do I start?”

“Jeez, everyone knows I’m a #newbie now…”

A gym instructor eyes you and asks

“You’re new here aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Okay… So what are your goals?”

“Well, just to be fit.”

“Okay, start on the treadmills and warm up.”


As you’re warming up you get a little confident and increase your pace. Girl… you’re killing it….

So you finish warming up and then you’re given some reps to do, halfway through your body is giving in…

Your heart is pounding…

Your legs feel like noodles and your hands feel like waves of electricity are flowing through them.

Trying to keep the momentum, you talk your way through the last set of lunges

Somehow, you manage to finish, stretch, roll-up your mat and hit the shower.

As you are leaving, you notice a clearly made up faced lady working out and your thinking (out loud)…



“She has no idea what is coming. “

The instructor happens to hear you and say,

“Who Ashley? She’s almost done with her workout, she’ll be stretching soon.”

You look at her face, then you look at yours (that’s got running mascara and half a brow left.)

“How is her makeup still in one place?”

“ What the hell was I doing?”

“I didn’t even have much on?”


Angry and disappointed with yourself you decide to just go and take a shower- I mean, is there anything else to do with your life?

The next day you try out a new mascara, eye shadow and a light coat of powder foundation and your face ends up looking like a mess not forgetting how that Workout screwed you over.

Not only did you look like a big wuss but a clown too.

Guess what? It’s happened to the best of us even they that won’t admit it

The best option would be to steer clear of makeup when you’re working out.

Trust me, your skin will thank you later.

When working out our skin sweats a lot, and this is totally normal because your skin is also trying to cool down.

Just like your other body parts your skin too is trying to cope and with a full face of makeup, you’re actually suffocating your pores especially when you have matte makeup.

When your pores are blocked then you get a reaction. Skin irritation or the infamous neighborhood bully- Acne.

One day it’s a spot, the next two spots before you know it, it’s a whole neighborhood.

I would suggest simple grooming when hitting the gym. Nicely trimmed brows and some tinted lip balm, but if you insist here are a few tips to consider if you choose to go the makeup way.


  • Use oil-free lightweight product like L’ORÉAL, Smashbox, Ubern Decay, and NARS. They won’t clog your skin as much because most of them are water based.Anti-shine and BB creams are #Bae not only are they light weight, but they are also all you need for the glow *wink wink* and that extra coverage.


lightweight_foundation_for_the_gym_SMashBoxLight-weight_foundation_for_the_gymlightweight_foundation_for_the_gym_NARS_cosmetics lightweight_foundation_for_the_gym_Loreal




  • Drop the concealer pallet and opt for a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer.  Working out releases moisture so you really don’t need a moisturizer but if you want to cover up dark spots and blemishes this is the way to go.
  • Repeat after me! Cream! Cream! Cream! Yes, cream blush is what you need if you want to add some blush to your cheeks. Stay away from powder! You’d rather live without it than have cracks on your cheek. It won’t be cute. Here are a few options to choose from:

Cream_blush_for_the_gym Cream_blush_for_the_gym Cream_blush_for_the_gym

  • When it comes to the brows a quick dry liner is what you need. Here is a great one:


  • Thinking of doing some eye shadow? Stop thinking… Just stop it
  • Gym_makeup_No-No

    Step away from the eyeshadow

Eye shadow will always transfer to the side of your eyes and bottom when working out. That how it was made. They are designed for blinks and winks not intense sweaty workouts.

Just drop the eye shadow pallet and walk away!!

  • With mascara and eyeliner, you want something that’s waterproof. However, this isn’t a 100% guarantee that it won’t run. so… consider leaving it for after a workout.
  • Immediately after your workout, remember to cleanse your face with a cleansing pad or cleanser to remove all the traces of makeup. To double check use a toner and exfoliate. You can exfoliate before bed just to make sure your skin is free of all the makeup.


When all is said and done I would like you to know that sweat proof makeup may cut it but it won’t save you from breakouts, irritation and acne manifestation.

If you started gyming then makeup can take the back seat.

Peradventure you meet a hunk of a guy, then he can experience the made-up you somewhere more ambient like… a dinner date *Wink*

Whatever you decide, remember to love on your skin.

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NB: I am not affiliated to any of these brands in any way. The pictures and links are simple reference points that are based on my personal experience and opinion


With love and kisses

Written by Beatrice Obwaya

Posted by
Shirley Eggleston

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